Grilled Chicken Panini w/ Asparagus

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This was a thrown together meal. The Hubs wanted panini's and I didn't have any bread in the house, so he lucked out and got spoiled. I rarely eat white bread, but they had cute single serve breads at QFC in the deli.

Diced chicken breast, reheated. Origionally, pan grilled with olive oil, salt and pepper.

Pesto spread
Canned artichoke hearts, chopped
Crumbled bacon
Provolone cheese

Grilled to perfection on my Cuisinart Griddler.

Asparagus tossed in olive oil and pepper cooked in the oven on 350 for approx 20 minutes. Topped with diced tomatoes and feta cheese.

This is my new favorite way to make asparagus.

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