Oh Ham and Cheese Frittata..where have you been my whole life?

I love Mimosa Sunday's! But since drinking on an empty stomach is always a bad idea, I like to make a big breakfast to go with them!

I decided to try a Ham, Potato and Cheese Frittata this morning because I wanted a reason to use my cast iron skillet.

I looked over a bunch of recipes and came up with the following:

2Tbsp Vegetable oil
1c diced potato
3/4c chopped red onion
Approx. 1c diced ham (I chopped up sandwich meat)
6 Eggs
1/2c Milk
Salt and Pepper to taste
1/2c shredded cheese (I used Mexican blend)

Pre-heat oven to 450

Heat 2Tbsp of Vegetable oil in skillet

Add potatoes to skillet and fry (3-5 minutes), until brown

In a bowl mix eggs, milk, and salt and pepper. Set aside.

Once potatoes are browned, add onion and cook 1-2 minutes. Add ham and continue to cook for a few minutes, making sure to mix the potatoes, onion and ham together.

Add egg mixture and let cook for approx. 5 minutes, or until the edges of egg mixture begin to set.

Transfer skillet to the oven and cook for an additional 6-8 minutes until middle of the eggs have set.

Sprinkle cheese on top and continue to cook 1-2 minutes until cheese melts.

Serve and Enjoy!

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